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Hey Fellow Rehabbers!

Hard to believe that our long hours studying in Bracken, practicing clinical skills in the CEC, 898-ing with our partners, and mingling at the Grizz will soon come to an end. As we approach what has been an awesome, almost, 2 years at Queen’s and the home stretch of our Master’s program –  we can reflect with pride on what we have accomplished in this short time, and start to think about our exciting future as professionals. Queen’s has helped shape our future and to show our appreciation, we have the opportunity to give back and positively impact the Queen’s Rehab experience for future students.

Through ThankQ – a student run initiative carried out by graduating classes across faculties – we have an opportunity to leave a mark by donating towards a gift of our choice for Queen’s Rehab. Our donations will not only help future students, but will represent the spirit, generosity, and pride of the Class of 2013.  

Show future students what the OT and PT classes of 2013 can do and give to make a difference! Let's give the world of rehab another reminder why we are the best graduating class of PT and OT yet!

ThankQ from your ThankQ Faculty Champions,

Natalie Ornella (PT) & Steph Lackey (OT)


Reasons to Give

1. We wouldn’t have survived 898 without the help of library staff and rehabilitation professors to guide us in our research endeavors.

2.    Botterell Hall caf staff got you to crack a smile while purchasing your 20th coffee of the week, amidst exams, essays, and assignments galore.

3.   We can Be a CONTRIBUTION- The Art of Possibility

4.  Previous years have donated: audiovisual equipment, funds towards the Clinical Learning Centre, technological upgrades & a Bracken Journal fund (…. And as Physio students are competitive, we can’t handle previous years beating us… in anything… ever).

5. We’d like to thank Queens for giving us a roof over our heads; aside from the Grizz, we spent every waking moment at LDA, Botterell, the CEC, or the gym.

6.  You want to help someone like you, that will be grateful to accept a bursary when out of Kingston for placement.

   7. A member of the faculty opened your mind, changed your view, and positively influenced the professional you will be.

8.  The CEC was our ‘home sweet home’ and its secretaries were the moms we needed during OSCEs.

9.  We see the potential to make a difference and we want to contribute to bettering the future of our programs.

10. We appreciate the many Queen’s volunteers who taught us all of the things NOT to do.

11. You met some of the most amazing peers, volunteers and staff here and would like to thank Queens for all of the great memories we’ve made.





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