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Goal $30,550.00


The QSAA (Queen's Student Alumni Association) exists to connect students to their futures as alumni.  As part of this year's class gift, the QSAA has set a goal of $400 and 100% participation by our ambassador team! Our donations this year will be directed at two different campus-wide funds: 

 1) The Student Initiative Fund http://www.queensu.ca/studentaffairs/fundsandawards/StudentInitiativeFund.html, which "supports recognized student groups, clubs, and registered students to organize activities, programs, events and activities that enhance the quality of student life at Queen's Universty."  

2) The Queen's Student Financial Assistance Fund: which "recognizes and supports the demonstrated achievment and outstanding potential of Queen's students."  The Queen's Student Financial Assistance Fund allows Queen's to keep up with changing needs and expectations of our students by supporting those with financial need.

We would greatly appreciate receiving donations of any size, but keeping with the spirit of this year's graduating class, we are encouraging students to donate $20.13 each.  

If you have any questions, please contact Jacqui (VP of Giving) at qsaa.vpg@queensu.ca and she would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Cha Gheill! 

Jacqui, (Art Sci'14), Laura (Art Sci'13), Matt (Sci'12), Rochelle (Art Sci'15)

Top 10 Reasons to Give
1. I give to Queen’s because it’s my home away from home- Celine & Shelby 

2. I give to Queen’s because I want Queen’s spirit to be timeless- Blaine 

3. I give to Queen’s because it feels good to give back- Matt 

4. I give to Queen’s because I want everyone to have the opportunity to take initiative- Kaisa 

5. I give to Queen’s because Queen’s has given me so many meaningful opportunities and I want other students to experience the same or better opportunities - Sierra 

6. I give to Queen’s because I want to say thank you for all Queen’s has given me- Alex

7. I give to Queen’s because I believe in equal opportunities for all students irrespective of their social or economic status- Monica

8. I give to Queen’s because I love Queen’s- Rebecca

9. I give to Queen’s because opportunities at queens is the great gift of all- Diana

10. I give to Queen’s because I would like to say thank you to my home- Olga






Goal $400
Percent 159%


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  • Ms Alexandra Laura Sutherland
  • Ms Brenda Forbes
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  • Ms Jazmin Lui
  • Ms Jessica Beakbane
  • Ms Kaisa Moran
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  • Ms Kate Finkler-Kemeny
  • Ms Keltie Gale
  • Ms Laura Backman
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