Overall Campaign Progress

Goal $30,550.00


Hello Everyone! 

Our names are Robin and Jessica, and we are the members of the ThankQ committee representing our Nursing class of 2013. Our role with ThankQ is to facilitate the purchase of our class gift.

We have met with our Dean, Ms. Medves, and have a few ideas for our class gift.

Our ideas are:

1. Contibuting to an existing grant to increase the amount of money given.

2. Starting the 75th Anniversary Bursary

3. Renovating the Student Lounge in the Cat building.

ThankQ provides us with an opportunity to give back to Queens. Donations from previous years has facilitated the purchase of Sim Lab equipment, student resources, bursaries etc.

How do you want our class to be remembered? Lets make our mark and help out future students!

Please feel free to e-mail us with suggestions for our gift at 8jaj1@queensu.ca

Robin & Jessica 




Goal $400
Percent 38%


  • Anonymous
  • Mr Kalem Boomhouwer
  • Ms Emily Seebruch
  • Ms Jessica Jordan
  • Ms Laura Leonard
  • Ms Natalie Chan
  • Ms Vanessa Wen