Overall Campaign Progress

Goal $30,550.00


In medicine, we are no strangers to giving. Over the past four years, our class has supported a multitude of charities from local Kingston grassroots organizations to national campaigns.

As we wind down our four years here at Queen’s, let’s do what we do best and leave our mark the only way 2013 knows how. It does not matter what the task is, we always step up, and I trust that this will be no different.

As voted by the class, we wish to help provide Queen’s Medical Students with something we have truly never had – lounge space in the new School of Medicine Building. 

We are seeking approval to move the furniture and billiards table from Matheson Room to the new School of Medicine building, as well as purchase additional furniture with our contributions.

Once we receive formal approval, we would suggest a contribution of $75 and all donations will receive a tax receipt. Please join us in fundraising for our class gift, that will be known as the lounge Meds 2013 built for years to come.

Alex S., Amanda, Brian, Mercedes and TJ


I am happy to announce that NMB 010 has been officially set aside for use as a student lounge.

As before, we recommend a donation of $75. All donations will receive a tax receipt.

We would like to have all fundraising complete before the start of C3, so we can redesign the space prior to graduation. If you would like to help with this process, please reply to this email. 




Goal $7,500
Percent 60%


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  • Dr Abhimanyu Sethi
  • Dr Akshay Seth
  • Dr Alexander Melinyshyn
  • Dr Alexander Summers
  • Dr Alura Riley
  • Dr Ana Bradi
  • Dr Andrew Giles
  • Dr Brian Chan
  • Dr Caitlin Yeo
  • Dr Carolyn Pasko
  • Dr Catherine Conlin
  • Dr Curtis Nickel
  • Dr Daniel Wan
  • Dr Danyela Lee
  • Dr David Yue
  • Dr Denise Pitre
  • Dr Elena Diaconescu
  • Dr Erik van Oosten
  • Dr Ernest Ebert
  • Dr Gary Ko
  • Dr Gaurav Dhindsa
  • Dr Heather Lamb
  • Dr Idara Edem
  • Dr Ji Lee
  • Dr Karim Mohamed
  • Dr Kieran Quinn
  • Dr Larry Tan
  • Dr Lauren Lacroix
  • Dr Lesley Roberts
  • Dr Lin Xing
  • Dr MacArinze Ojiaku
  • Dr Matthew Cwinn
  • Dr Matthew White
  • Dr Mercedes Pilkington
  • Dr Micaela Coombs
  • Dr Muhammad Furqan
  • Dr Nazari Dvirnik
  • Dr Patrick Murphy
  • Dr Paxton Bach
  • Dr Rahul Nayak
  • Dr Rano Matta
  • Dr Renee Pang
  • Dr Rowan Henry
  • Dr Sabra Gibbens
  • Dr Samuel Lee
  • Dr Sarah Le Blanc
  • Dr Sarah Leonard
  • Dr Shlok Gupta
  • Dr Taehyoung Lee
  • Dr Tatiana Viaznikova
  • Dr Thurarshen Jeyalingam
  • Dr Yi Ren