Overall Campaign Progress

Goal $30,550.00

Make a Difference

Participation is Key

Could you set aside just $2.00 per week, for 10 weeks, in support of your classmates ThankQ fundraising campaign? It’s just a matter of cutting out a large Common Ground coffee a week.

Meet students from all faculties and years, both undergraduates and graduates, who give their time to raise awareness about student philanthropy in order to help improve the university experience of current and future students.

Strengthen your ties to Queen’s University before you graduate! ThankQ provides you with the opportunity to actively give back and support the university, while enhancing and impacting the education of current and future students.

Top 10 Reasons to Give


10.  GIVE because the library helped you get an A on your paper

9.    GIVE because your Queen's classes will enhance your future

8.    GIVE because game day wouldn't be the same without the Queen's Bands

7.    GIVE because you met your best friend at Queen's

6.    GIVE because it enhances the quality of your degree

5.    GIVE because you want to recognize your favourite professor

4.    GIVE because you want to help a fellow classmate in need of a scholarship

3.    GIVE because you got dirty during Orientation Week but loved every minute of it

2.    GIVE to inspire others to give, paving the way for students after you

1.    GIVE because it's GREAT TO BE A QUEEN'S GAEL!