Overall Campaign Progress

Goal $30,550.00


The Queen’s Law Class of 2013 has been fundraising since we started our law degrees in 2010, with the goal of contributing to student life in the law school. Every year, the graduating class purchases a gift that will benefit future students, builds our sense of community, and helps maintain our connections to the Faculty long after we leave. It allows us all to give back to the law school that has given us so much. 

Through consultation with the graduating class and law school administration, the 2013 Council has selected a digital touch screen directory as our target gift, to be placed in the atrium of MacDonald Hall. The key functionality we are hoping to include is: wheelchair accessibility to the sign itself; maps of the building; a directory of staff, faculty, clinics and washrooms with “map it” wayfinding functions; separate wayfinding using only accessible routes; and easily updatable event notices with wayfinding functionality. 

Should we raise more than needed for the directory, additional funds will go towards comfortable seating in the atrium.

If 60% of the 2013 class donate through this Giving Page, Dean Flanagan has generously agreed to match the amount raised.  

With a gift of $20.13 or more you may send a “Because of You” certificate to someone who has had a positive impact on your Queen’s Law experience.

GIVE because Queen's Law made your future a little brighter.
GIVE because it’s better than carving your name in a bathroom stall.
GIVE because you still don’t know where room 215 is, and you thought that’s where grad photos were being taken.
GIVE because you love our water fountains.
GIVE because it took you a year to figure out the secret passageway back from Mac-Corry.
GIVE because sometimes you just wanna sit down in the atrium.
GIVE because Queen's Law was where you met friends you'll have forever.




Goal $10,000
Percent 99%


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