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Goal $30,550.00


Hey Con Ed!

Your ThankQ representatives here, Molly and Jill! Molly is a fourth year Con Ed student majoring in Drama and minoring in French, and Jill is also fourth year, majoring in Biology and minoring in Geography.  We are your link to the ThankQ committee for the Class of 2013! As your representatives, we communicate through the year between ThankQ and all of you, as well as lead fundraising iniatives to support your class gift!

Over the past four years, Queen's has given us so much, particularly in the unique opportunities that we get as Con Ed students. Now is your chance to give back! This year is your chance to leave your mark on Queen's campus by contributing to your classes gift. Stay tuned for more information about our gift and how you can donate to Queen's!

Our class gift is improvements to the Con-Ed Room on West Campus.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 8jll@queensu.ca ot 9mr3@queensu.ca

Jill Lemmen and Molly Russell




Goal $300
Percent 100%


  • Mr Philip Lloyd
  • Ms Brittany Walker
  • Ms Catherine E Franey
  • Ms Emmaline Houston
  • Ms Jillian Lemmen
  • Ms Natalie Tsui
  • Ms Nicole Gouveia
  • Ms Shelby Arnold
  • SIGSI Students' Association