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Hello Queen’s Athletes!

My name is Nicole and I am your ThankQ representative this year! I am currently in my fourth year and I am on the women’s water polo team. This is the first year that we are running ThankQ for athletics and I am excited to see how we can give back to Queen’s.

Our donations this year will be focused on two funds:

1. Your team Booster Club Fund

Funds raised by this club directly supports athletes, coaches, program development and equipment. Funds will be used at the discretion of the Director of A&R in consultation with the Head Coach and Booster Club President.

*To find your team booster club fund click on Give Now and enter your sport into the search bar.

2. The Jack Project

The focus of The Jack Project at Queen's will be on mental health and well-being promotion, awareness, community engagement, stigma reduction, recognizing signs of struggle, help-seeking and helping behaviour, how to identify and access support, etc.

Top 10 Athlete Reasons to Give

  1. GIVE because your experience was enhanced when you were given the title of student-athlete
  2. GIVE because you spent more time at the ARC then at your house
  3. GIVE because you lived for game day
  4. GIVE because you want to recognize your coach
  5. GIVE because your teammates became your family
  6. GIVE because you achieved your academic goals with the support of the athlete tutoring program
  7. GIVE because hard work and training paid off
  8. GIVE because you wear your red, blue, and yellow uniform with pride
  9. GIVE because you won and you want athletes who come after you to have the same success
  10. GIVE because you are proud to be a GAEL!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me :) 








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