Overall Campaign Progress

Goal $30,550.00

Arts & Sci

We are Lauren Galloway and Heidi Geyer the ASUS 2013 Year Society President and Vice President and wish to inform you of our goals for this year. We have been planning some events for our graduating year and also are committed to giving back to Queen's in the form of our Thank-Q gift donation represeting the class for ASUS 2013. We hope you will support this cause!

Our four gifts can be found with descriptions when clicking "Give Now". These gives were specifically chosen to benefit students directly! The Chaplin's Fund for instance, helps students financially who cannot afford things such as groceries. We are fond of this fund as it shows how we can give back to Queen's to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience here. Please consider this fund when donating, your gift will be much appreciated. How would you like to be remembered by Queen's? 

Arts & Sci



Goal $800
Percent 30%


  • Anonymous
  • Class of Arts and Science 2013
  • Dr Alistair MacLean
  • Mr Andrew Bradley Aulthouse
  • Mr Do Won Park
  • Mr Nick Francis
  • Mr Tristan Milne
  • Ms Ashley Lafreniere
  • Ms Brenda Forbes
  • Ms Brenda Forbes
  • Ms Elizabeth Cook
  • Ms Lauren Galloway
  • Ms Rebecca Lasagna